What? A serial killer who decapitates his victims, then displays the heads on roadside fence-posts?

What century is this, anyway?

But it's real, and the lonely back roads of Southwestern Colorado will never be the same.

After the third victim is discovered, the Governor calls in Colorado Bureau of Investigation detective Annette Trieri, and she has some catching up to do. More heads turn up, and the pressure mounts to find the killer. But the crime scenes reveal nothing, the victims have little in common, and the locations are hundreds of miles apart.

Annette's investigative team at the CBI provides background, and her footwork leads her to a dealer in antique armaments and a kendo master who lives for the way of the sword. A radical feminist group at Frémont State University voices sympathy for the killer, even offers to assist. The mayor of a small mountain town disappears. The Governor is beside himself.

Ultimately, it's up to Annette and her academic husband, Dean Hal Weathers, to assemble the puzzle pieces and find the killer who has a Head for Murder.