Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis): elegantly beautiful, sweetly aromatic…and deadly. What do you do when you find yourself living among them? You die, or you figure out how to escape.

As William White’s teen-age years approach, events conspire to make him realize that his future living among the Lilies will not be nearly as fun and carefree as his boyhood has been. In fact, he’s not sure he’ll even have a future at all, given the sinister nature of the community and what’s been happening to its other boys.

So he makes plans to escape from the only world he’s ever known, and, on succeeding, finds himself in small-town central New Mexico, where the streets are dusty, the food is spicy, and the outside world is a new challenge for him.

Still, his formidable education provides him with skills that make him indispensable to the U.S. Army’s needs in the mid ninteen-forties. As those needs evolve, Will’s abilities continue to prove valuable, giving him a place in the events surrounding the historic physics experiment that eventually won World War II and putting him at the center of one of the oldest mysteries of the early U.S. Southwest.