Purchase Options 

The first seven Four Corners Mysteries began as “print-on-demand” books, so they can be hard to find in bookstores. Print-on-demand saves on trees and keep titles available, but bookstores don’t tend to stock them. More recently, I have begun publishing only in (Kindle) e-book format, through Amazon.

There are various options:

  • You can order any of the first seven on paper through your favorite bookstore (they’re listed in Ingrams’ and other distributors’ catalogs) or from on-line booksellers (Amazon.com, BN.com, etc) — an author search on “HP Hanson” will usually turn them up.
  • Or you can order any of the first seven from me, while I have stock, at least. As a bonus, I’ll send you signed copies. Send me some e-mail, and I’ll ship you what you want with an invoice.
  • Books eight and on are available only as Kindle books from Amazon.com, which also has the first seven as well. A complete listing can be found here.